Welcome to Mission Mobilization Ministries.  It is our goal to send workers into the harvest that awaits, in their local communities, in their part of the world and in far off places.  The Gospel needs to be heard in order for lost people to respond to it.  And so we are working across our normal borders to collaborate in bringing that message forth, in word and deed.



Our focus areas are:


  • Church Multiplication – to assist churches to individually or collaboratively through their conferences to plant new churches.  Many new churches are needed in urban and suburban areas.


  • Ethnic Ministries – to assist churches and conferences to reach the millions of new and second generation immigrants from many nations who have come to our door, looking for a welcoming message and an opportunity for new hope.


  • Global Mobilization – to develop and deploy global citizens who will make a difference in other places, and to allow those of us stateside in our churches, to engage our brothers and sisters in the hundreds of churches we have around the world.



Our strategies are designed to help your church in the following ways:

  • To help you identify the resources you need to equip and engage your fellowship to move outside of its walls to bring the Gospel to those in need.

  • To help you develop a strategy to connect globally and locally for collaborative ministries.

  • To help you become part of a larger team to work more effectively, no matter your church’s size, to reach more people, together!



We are currently undergoing many changes as we develop these ministries.  Please check back often to see how we are progressing and how you might be involved.


Also, you can sign up for our OnMission Newsletter which will keep you up to date electronically about our worldwide ministries!

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