KRM Update 1

January 1, 2015


scheduled for early 2015:

January—Swisshome, OR

February—Absarokee, MT

March—East Wenatchee, WA

April—Lizella, GA


(KRM is currently scheduled out monthly until September 2015. To schedule a stewardship seminar, call Jay Forseth at 406-322-5804)



WORLD HARVEST OFFERING RESULTS for 2014 was $21,492.00. This is the final year of the World Harvest Offering (WHO). Many thanks to those who were able to take the WHO this year! For your information, coming in 2015, our OnMission month and offering. Stay tuned for more information from our denomination office.




Some other denominationss are funded from a “tax” or even an “appropriation” that is often over 20% of a church's budget. I thought it interesting to partially communicate our current situation in The Evangelical Church.


In theory, our denominational office is funded from a 10% “tithe” from each of our seven Conferences.  Those seven conferences are funded from a 10% tithe from our 130+ churches.  Our 130+ churches are funded from a 10% “tithe” from their attenders. However, to say that each attender or even each church participated would not be accurate.


In 2014, the average church in our denomination “tithed” $9000 to their Conference.  Consequently $900 reached the denomination office on average from local churches. Therefore, our entire denomination office runs off approximately $120,000 although its expenses are closer to $150,000. The WHO offering in the past has helped make up the shortfall. Our current system is broken. Should KRM enter into the discussion on possible solutions if the need continues to arise?




Total Responses = 116 churches & 240 individuals

 23 churches (20%) received follow up from KRM

a.  60% of our churches have preached about tithing in the last year

b.  27% of our churches taught a stewardship class in the last year

          (Dave Ramsey was most often taught, Crown second)

c.  33% of our churches disciple people in Biblical stewardship regularly

d.  23% of our churches allow for on-line or credit card giving

e.  91%  of respondents currently tithe with joy to their local church

f.   99% said God owns everything & we should be faithful stewards

g.  88% would like people to include the church in their will

h.  33% of our churches currently have some type of financial debt



                                         Western   SEC    Eastern    NCC      ECC      Pacific

a. Preaching                         53%     100%     76%       64%       60%      65%     

b. Class Taught                    50%       33%     21%       25%         7%       25%    

c. Disciple Regularly            46%       33%     41%       25%       17%       31%    

d. On-line Giving                  44%       33%       9%       36%        7%       19%     

e. Tithe with Joy                   90%     100%     82%     100%      93%       91%     

f.  Faithful Stewards           100%     100%    100%    100%    100%       98%     

g. Church in Will                  87%       87%      94%      93%      90%        85%     

h. Church Debt                    33%       33%      38%      61%      17%        31%     

*Received Follow-up             9            1            3           8           2             0        














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