January 2, 2015

Welcome to OnMISSION News! This is the new monthly newsletter of The Evangelical Church that will feature articles that share our vision of each local church being OnMISSION. Articles will share what it means to be OnMISSION and how individuals and churches around the denomination are living out this vision.


Do you remember the old original Star Trek TV series? Each episode started with a statement of their mission;

to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before”. In almost every episode, Captain Kirk and his crew were faced with decisions that would take them off mission. Since Kirk was portrayed as being the daring risk taking captain who would bend the rules if needed, he was always going off mission to save the day. And, of course, since its Hollywood, he always saved the day and everything turned out right. The message sent was that sometimes you have to go off mission to get the job done.


The church, as did the starship Enterprise, has a stated mission. We also have a captain. The captain of our salvation is Jesus Christ, who is the head of the body, His church. Our captain did not just risk His life for the mission, as Kirk did many times, but actually laid down His life for it. The mission He has given us has been purchased by His blood, the success or failure of the church fulfilling His mission has far greater consequences than anything the Enterprise ever faced. If the church goes off mission, there will be no Hollywood ending. Many people will lose their eternal soul.


The Evangelical Church must be OnMISSION! Fulfilling the mission, for which Jesus gave His life, is the only goal worthy of a church that declares Him to be its savior and captain. OnMISSION News is to be a monthly reminder and encouragement to stay OnMISSION. It is our hope that these articles will be used by God to inspire you and your church to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ and to keep our denomination focused on what it means to be OnMISSION. Are you and your church OnMIssion?




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