“PASTOR’S SALARY SURVEY” to be conducted by Kingdom Resource Ministry at each annual conference in 2015. The Western Conference has already completed their survey and the results are very interesting. Our survey will count housing allowance as part of the salary package.


According to churchleaders.com, a head pastor’s salary/housing will be highest in the Presbyterian Church, whereas a youth pastor will be paid the highest in a Baptist Church.  Pastors in metropolitan areas are paid higher than rural pastors. It is no surprise that the larger a church, the larger a salary. What is surprising is the broad range of salaries for pastors—some at the poverty level and others over 100K.



KRM STEWARDSHIP SEMINARS scheduled for Spring 2015:

March—East Wenatchee, WA

April—Lizella, GA

May—Arrowhead Bible College, MT


(KRM is currently scheduled out monthly until September of 2015. To schedule a stewardship seminar, call Jay Forseth at 406-322-5804)


2014 WORLD HARVEST OFFERING RESULTS = $21,492 from 23 churches

Western Conference          – 5 churches  - $10,574

East Central Conference    – 8 churches  - $5,265

Four Corners Conference  – 1 Church      - $186

North Central Conference  – 4 churches  - $1,995

Pacific Conference             – 5 churches  - $1629

South Eastern Conference – 2 churches  - $1841


This was the final year of the WHO. Many thanks to those who were able to take the WHO this past year! For your information, coming in 2015, our OnMission month and offering. Stay tuned for more information from our denominational office.




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