On The Move!

On March 11, 2015 the General Church Council voted unanimously to move The Evangelical Church denominational and Evangelical Church Mission offices from the Minneapolis, Minnesota location to the Portland, Oregon area. This vote was the culmination of a two year discussion. In October of 2014 the General Church Council unanimously approved the move in principle, but waited until March to approve the actual time frame and location for the move.

The primary reason for this move is strategic in that it will allow the offices to be within easy driving distance of the greatest concentration of our churches. We feel this will give opportunity for the General Superintendent and the Executive Director of Missions to be in touch with pastors to share our vision without the need of boarding an airplane.

The plan is to sell both the denominational parsonage and the mission office. The funds from the sale of these properties will be put in endowments to use for the future support of housing for the General Superintendent and for providing office space for the combined offices of the denomination and the mission.

The location of the new office will be in Gladstone, Oregon. The office is located right off I-205 about 20 minutes from Portland International Airport. Rev. Jack O’Neill will be working through the month of May to get the new office open for business. The physical move of the General Superintendent and the office from Minneapolis to Portland will take place in July. The General Superintendent is currently looking for a home to purchase in the Portland area.

All correspondence and donations should continue to be directed through the Minneapolis office until further notice. We will send out new contact information when we are ready to open full operations in Gladstone and close our Minneapolis office.

We are excited about this move mostly because we believe this to be God’s leading for our denomination at this time. In all of our discussions in the various boards and committees there has not been a single no vote or opposition. We feel that this is indicative of God’s leading. We are trusting that as our predecessors prayed and obeyed God’s leading to move to Minneapolis several years ago, so we are obeying God’s leading today.

Please pray for us as we deal with the logistics of this move and that we may fulfill the purpose for which God is leading us in this direction.





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