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People stop going to churches that are not making a difference in people’s lives.  Young and old people will seek to connect to a movement, a group of people with passion and a purpose to bring God’s transforming grace into the lives of others.  All churches can be such places.  It is kind of simple in a way.


The key is to realize that bringing people into church and into a relationship with Jesus Christ, is not the end game.  As His disciples, we must go back out of the church, into the world.  The church wasn’t created to keep everyone in and happy.  The church is to be on the move making others happy by sharing Christ with them.


All churches can find a cause to connect to.  This is true of rural churches, which most Evangelical Churches are, as well as urban churches, of which about a third of our U.S. churches are.  There are needs in every community.  There are needs in nearby communities.  There are needs in far off places.  Focus on at least one area and go for it.  Find out what it is that your group of Christ-followers can do. 


Churches can collaborate with one another or, for example, with a local school.  The point is to go out and meet people.  Get to know their needs and help them in appropriate ways.  Jesus “went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him.”  Acts 10: 38 ESV.


Evangelical Church Missions can help your church.  We offer opportunities to get involved in the lives of people in far off places such as Liberia, Bolivia, Brazil and not-so-far-off New Mexico!  In each location there are great needs. We also partner with others in Fiji, Japan, and India.


Help orphans in Liberia or Bolivia.  Help youth in New Mexico or Bolivia.  Provide for food, clothing and education for children in Brazil and Liberia.  Visit one of these places to get a feel for the culture and churches there.  There are more Evangelicals gathering together for church outside of the U.S.


Missionaries from each of these areas are available to connect with you and your church.  Several of our missionary teams will be in the U.S. this summer, fall and winter.  If you would like to connect with a particular ministry, contact us to help with the scheduling, planning a mission trip or funding a special project.  For more information on the missionaries and their ministries, please visit our website at or contact us for more information.


Our new Oregon office will be open for business on August 3, 2015. Our new address is: 15 82nd Drive Suite 140, Gladstone, OR 97027. Our phone numbers are 503-342-3588 (OR Office) and 763-424-2589 (MN Office). Please continue to send all donations to our Minnesota location.









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