General Superintendent's Thoughts on the Supreme Court Ruling

Dear Pastors, Members, and Friends of The Evangelical Church,


The foundations of law and order have collapsed.

What can the righteous do?

Psalm 11:3 (NLT)


Since the announcement of the Supreme Court ruling related to same-sex marriage, there have been three things that have been on my mind.


1. I am disappointed, grieved, and discouraged, but not surprised by this ruling for two reasons. First, this decision is the natural consequence of destroying the foundation that God is the creator of the universe. Our belief concerning marriage is based solely upon the truth that God is the creator of marriage and has ordained it to be between one man and one woman. When this foundation is gone the ruling, which came from the court, was only a matter of time.


Second, the ruling does not surprise me because the world without God is always the world without God. They have behaved the same way since the sin of Adam and Eve in the garden. Human beings have either pushed God to the side or tried to eliminate Him altogether. The goal is pure self-determination and self-rule. God has to be eliminated so we can live anyway we want. This ruling is all about people living the way they want. This is not surprising. It is what the world does.


2. There are at least two indisputable facts this ruling does not change.  It does not change the fact that Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords and His mission is still to make disciples. Our mission to make disciples has not been altered by the decision of the court. No government or branch of government can redefine the mission of the church. This is because the mission is given to the church by the one who has ultimate authority. Jesus said,


Our King, Lord, and Master is still Jesus Christ and His mission is still the same. The Supreme Court’s ruling cannot alter this reality.


3. This ruling cannot stop us from being the body of Christ. No earthly government can keep the church from living as the body of Christ. Since the beginning of the church, the body of Christ has operated in societies that were not favorable to the Gospel, and yet, the church has still proclaimed the Good News and the lost have been transformed. We can still live with Christ as our head and be His dwelling place, image-bearers, and missionaries. We can still be OnMISSION. We can still live as the body of Christ revealing His glory so that the lost might be transformed and mobilized on His mission.


There will undoubtedly be fall out from this ruling and other rulings which will follow. Some of the ways we do things in the church will change, but Who He is, who we are in Him, and what He has commissioned us to do have not and will not change.


In October our denominational and conference leadership will gather for our annual General Church Board meetings. We will be devoting time to discuss what our churches can do to carry out our mission in light of recent court rulings. Pray for us that God will lead us to know how to effectively be His body and carry forth His mission in a lost and needy world.


OnMISSION for Christ,


Rev. Brian Eckhardt

General Superintendent




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