On Saturday, May 9th, eight members from Sturgis Evangelical Church went to a local laundromat to pay for and do laundry for whoever came in.  Some of our volunteers were a little skeptical about doing other peoples’ laundry, others were scared to talk to strangers, but throughout the day, each one of our volunteers stepped out of their comfort zone and truly served others.

We were there to pay for, help carry, load, change, or fold the laundry of anyone who would let us.  We had laundry soap and fabric softener to help ease their financial burden.  A family of three or four people will spend an average of $25-30 per week on laundry.  Most importantly, we were there to love and serve the people of Sturgis.


We used almost $500 in quarters helping people to do their laundry, three large containers of detergent and one large container of fabric softener.


Some people refused our help or money, others were shocked and in awe that we were willing to spend our Saturday serving other people.  We served around 30 families in eight hours.


We encountered three homeless families who needed the help financially, as well as those who physically needed help.


We had one volunteer just to play with the kids that were there with their parents. One mom said that was a huge blessing.


Another patron, Kathy, was doing her laundry and was telling one of our volunteers that she was having a hard time with her granddaughter who had just had a baby.  Our volunteer, Tami, not only helped Kathy with her laundry, but she encouraged, listened, and prayed with her.


Ann, who had just had an ankle fusion four months ago, had really been in a depressed state about the progression of her recovery.  When she showed up and saw volunteers there waiting to help,  her spirits were lifted!  Amber, one of our volunteers who was not too keen on doing someone else’s laundry, was so touched by Ann that she was actually helping fold Ann’s Laundry.


The people at the Sturgis laundromat were truly blessed, but so were the volunteers who were there serving those very people!




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