Is God concerned with my comfort?

Our magazine used to be called the Challenge. I am challenged as I personally ponder some things in our life. I hope this challenges you as you read.

As our family nears the 10-year mark of our preparation for and time in Bolivia, we are spending some time evaluating our next steps.  One question that comes to mind over and over, is whether or not I am putting my personal comfort as a priority when I make choices. What does God want me to do with my time? Am I being effective for His kingdom, or concerned with my comfort?


When I begin to think of what is demonstrated in the Bible, I am quite sure that comfort was not and is not something God makes a priority. I am sure that Abraham was not comfortable taking Isaac to the altar. I am sure that Moses was not comfortable going to ask Pharaoh to let God’s people go. I am sure that John the Baptist was not comfortable when he was asked by Jesus to be baptized. I don’t think Jesus was comfortable while being betrayed. I don’t believe that Jesus was asking us if we are comfortable when he said, “pick up your cross and follow me.” All of these examples (and so many more) lead me to believe that God is usually asking us to leave our comfort zone to be used by Him. 

What does that look like for me? What does it look like for you? 


For me, I am personally challenged to get involved with orphanage work again. It is something that was a passion for me as we came to Bolivia. With the busyness of life; getting City of Refuge up and running, teaching English as Second Language classes, being a mom and wife and other ministry responsibilities always pushing me out of my comfort zone, I allowed it to get squeezed out. During the visit from our last work team, the bit of orphanage help we did was a blessing. Seeing the kids’ smiles and just holding them for a bit was an eye opener and helped me see that I had allowed some of my concerns over comfort win out over helping in the orphanages. It is hard for me to be that honest with you, but it is the truth.


I know that what I am saying here is nothing new, and I have heard many preachers speak on this very subject. I hope that as you read this short note you are challenged to do some personal evaluation. Are you being asked by God to do something uncomfortable? Will you allow your comfort concerns to win?


Randi Guerrero




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