Preparing to be a Missionary

In my last article, I wrote about mobilizing Bolivian missionaries.  We are partnering here in Bolivia with an organization called the Worldwide Missionary Training School.  Victor Cuba is the first person from our denomination to enter the school.  I wanted to share his story with you so that you can pray for him.


Victor Cuba grew up outside of La Paz in a small Aymara-speaking village.  He moved to La Paz to finish high school and find work.  Eventually while in La Paz he came to know Christ as his personal savior through brothers in our denomination.  He eagerly grew in his relationship with Christ and began to take leadership in his youth group.  He later became the national president of the denominational youth.  In Bolivia someone is part of the youth group until they get married.  So, there are people in their 40’s that are still part of the youth.  Being national president is a big responsibility.  Most weekends he traveled to different parts of Bolivia teaching youth.  He organized the national youth camp and helped with the different districts’ youth camps as well.  Being a charismatic leader, he enjoyed the work and the travel. Unfortunately, he let pride get the best of him and was removed as national president of the youth for a sin that he committed.


Victor was very distraught and thought about leaving the church.  JJ Guerrero encouraged him to go to Cochabamba so that JJ could disciple him.  He agreed and worked as a mason while attending seminary and living with JJ and his family for a time.  The whole experience was humbling for him, but he learned a lot through it.  Eventually he started to pastor a church in Cochabamba.  He found a lot of family problems amongst the people in the church and asked Jenny to counsel some families while he tagged along and learned how to do family counseling.  There were many people who came to know the Lord through his ministry.  He was having success as a pastor, but he knew that God was calling him to something different.


I invited Dr. Luís Romay, the director of the missionary training school, to share at a denominational youth conference held just outside of Cochabamba.   Luís shared his testimony with the youth (I shared part of it in my previous article), and it really spoke to Victor.  Victor told me he wanted to enter the missionary training school. 


In September of last year the school started intense classes in Concepción, a town about four hours northeast of Santa Cruz.  Victor really liked studying about missions and was sent to Paraguay for four months on a practicum, which he really enjoyed.  He has now spent the last six months in Peru studying and serving another practicum.  He is excited to see where God will send him when he finishes his training in 2016.  Please pray for Victor Cuba as he follows God’s call in his life.  Please pray for our national church leaders that they will all have a vision for sending missionaries.  Pray for more people to accept the call to be missionaries.  And please pray for us as we help give guidance to all as the “veteran” missionaries.  We believe God will use Victor and others, as they are obedient to him.





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