Average Pastor Salary plus Housing Allowance is $43,607 in the Evangelical Church

November 10, 2015



The results are in for the Evangelical Church HEAD PASTOR SALARY SURVEY. 92 head pastors responded to the survey.  The average head pastor base salary + housing allowance in the Evangelical Church is $43,607.

17% of our head pastors are bi-vocational and 59% of head Pastors receive a housing allowance, of which the average amount is $13,894. As a reminder, this figure is included in the total above.

38% of head Pastors live in a parsonage and 74%  of churches provide some type of health insurance. Of those who responded, 34% of our pastor's said their spouses must work outside the home to make ends meet.

74% of our local churches provide retirement benefits with the average amount being 8.7% of base salary and 59% of churches reimburse expense like gasoline. 25% of our pastors opt out of Social Security and 59% of churches grant sick leave (but 35% of Pastors are unsure if they have this benefit). Also, 89% of our churches grant vacation leave with the average length of time per year being 3.4 weeks.

In our next article, we will break down these results according to your conference. Please contact Jay Forseth, Kingdom Resources Ministries Director, at jay@forseth.org or 406-321-1026.

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