The Evangelical Story: The History of The Evangelical Church

Published in 2006 The Evangelical Story tells the history of The Evangelical Church. It is meant to be more than simply information of people, places, and events. This book is intended to be stories of our past in order to inspire the church to continue the work of fulfilling the Great Commission. It is a user-friendly history for pastors, ministerial students, as well as laymen across the diverse conferences of The Evangelical Church. It is available at the denominational office.


The Pacific Conference Story: The History of The Evangelical Church in Oregon and Washington

The year 2014 marked 150 years of Evangelical Church ministry in Oregon, and 110 years of the Evangelical ministry at Jennings Lodge Camp. The ministry at the Jennings Lodge property came to a close, but the work of The Evangelical Church in the Pacific Northwest continues to look toward the future. It is impossible to tell the story of the conference without telling the story of the camp because it was more than just a place to have occasional campmeetings. The Pacific Conference Story shares the stories of missionaries to the Pacific Northwest, church planters, pastors and dedicated laymen who came together to form the Pacific Conference of The Evangelical Church.


Spiritual Rehab: Twelve Steps to Wholeness

Spiritual Rehab is a holistic approach to address the problem of sin. It may be unpopular to use the word, yet humanity has struggled with sin since the beginning of time. Repeated sins become patterns which become habits.

The best process for breaking habits over the past century has been the Twelve Steps of A.A. Spiritual Rehab takes the reader through the Twelve Steps focusing on breaking the habit of sin common to all of humanity.

This is a holistic process, it is a Wesleyan process, and it is a continuous process. Breaking the addiction to sin requires a support group. The church is not a gathering of perfect people; it is a support group of recovering sinners. Breaking the addiction to sin is a process, there are no shortcuts, but it is possible to find a life of freedom and wholeness.


Rev. Brian Hotrum’s father, retired Evangelical pastor Rev. Ron Hotrum has written a book that came out of his vast experience in the area of evangelism.


Always Ready: Helping “pre-Christians” Understand how God Really Forgives

Rev. Ronald A. Hotrum has served in Christian ministry for over forty years as a pastor and as a chaplain, serving in hospitals, nursing homes and with hospice. He was ordained as an elder in The Evangelical Church in 1971 and commissioned as a chaplain with Nursing Home Ministries, Inc. in 2000. Over the years, he has had scores of people ask him how they can know that their sins are forgiven. What he has learned and experienced form the basis for Always Ready.





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