In 2001, while attending Wesley Biblical Seminary in Jackson, MS, we had the opportunity to take a class called Perspectives on the Christian World Movement.  We had never heard of it, but as we were preparing for the mission field we were excited to take the class.  It truly changed our perspectives on so much!  In August of 2015, I attended an interdenominational meeting with leaders from Cochabamba and the director of Perspectives ( in Latin America.  I walked away from that meeting wondering if or when Perspectives would come to Bolivia.  Recently while on furlough I received an email asking me to be a part of the leadership team.  Then, during our last weekend in the U.S. in April, a woman at the church we were speaking at asked me if we had ever heard of the class Perspectives.  She said it was life-changing for her, and we should look into it.  We told her that we had taken the class while in seminary and really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it.   


So when we arrived in Bolivia in April, a Perspectives class started a week later.  Because we weren’t in country to help with planning we just filled in and gave assistance where necessary, helping with meals and taking people to and from the airport.  It was a ten-day intensive class.  It was awesome to see 34 pastors and leaders from nine different countries, representing 26 churches, and seven denominations come together to learn about God’s mission for the world! I was so impressed with the turnout, because they had just launched for the first time in Latin America in another South American country the week before, and only had nine in the class.  Please pray as we assist our Bolivian brothers in mobilizing to reach the world!  As an aspect of mobilizing Bolivia, James also just returned from five days of teaching the Minor Prophets at ECAMM, the missionary training school we are partnering with.  When they finished their training time, nine of the students came to stay with us for a few days to rest and catch up on their way to their practicums.  It’s so exciting to see Bolivia catch the vision for reaching the world!   


Romans 10: 13-15 NIV




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