The only sand that we have around here came in big bags used for fracking oil wells, and the Beach-front property overlooks the dry-land farms of Western North Dakota. Most days it is just another day at the Beach in this quit little town, but there is a transforming work going on at Beach Evangelical Church.


In 2012, with the numbers of regular attendees maxing out the current ministry facility, the people of Beach Evangelical Church decided to pursue a building project that would include a new church building in a new location and moving from a 5500 sq/ft ministry facility to almost 16,000 sq/ft.  Now in 2016, we anticipate in late summer to fall to make the move.


Both young and old are anticipating the move with one 7 year old, Tell, who makes his mom drive by so he can check out progress on the gym while saying, “ I can’t wait to play in our church gym.”  Then, while helping out at the local food pantry an older gentleman that does not attend currently said, “You guys have to hurry and finish that church. I am planning on being at the grand opening… if I don’t die first.”


 Who would have known at the beginning of this project that it would set in motion a new name, new people serving in ministry, new mission, new core values and new people becoming fully committed followers of Jesus.


 This is all of course because of God and His abundant grace, and His grace is not without effect.  As we have seen God’s grace work, we were lead to call ourselves Grace Church with the mission to connect people to God and each other through Grace.


The Grace stories that are connected to this are abundant, and as we see the power of the life-changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ at work here in Beach, we are asking God to continue to speak His word with great boldness and to continue to see the miracle of His grace in our body.  As our body of believers grows we are seeing where we can have more and more influence on our community, in surrounding communities, and around the world so we have adopted a core value that we call Missional Minded. We will be a church that is Missional Minded.  We are a “base of ministry”, not a place of ministry.  This is much like a military base where the training and planning are done in the protection of a healthy team to prepare people to go and be ministers in all walks of life. Thanks for reading this and checking out the Beach in North Dakota.




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