Words, Words, and More Words!



Over the past two weeks the two political parties that want to run the United States have uttered a plethora of words. Although I didn’t watch most of the coverage, in an effort to maintain a decent blood pressure level and not lose my salvation, I have seen enough of the speeches and news coverage to know that politicians and the news media love to hear themselves talk. Words, words, and more words…


As I watch all the political discourse that has taken place so far in this election cycle, there is a lingering thought that continually fills my mind, “It is all empty rhetoric.” An overwhelming percentage of the predictions made by the “political experts” that fills the air waves non-stop on the cable news channels never come to pass. (My suspicion is that they get it wrong more than those who predict the weather.) How many promises made by politicians actually are ever fulfilled? (Maybe we should be thankful that most of them aren’t.) Words, words, and more words…


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have both positioned themselves to be the only hope for the future of our nation and the world. They both claim to be everything to everybody. They both claim to hear us. They both claim to be for the “little guy.” They both claim to understand us. They both claim to be with us. They both claim that they alone have the solutions for crime, terrorism, prejudice, racism, injustice, unrest in the Middle East, greedy people taking advantage of the poor, etc. Words, words, and more words…


Contrast the words of the politicians and media with this scripture from Psalm 33:4:


For the word of the Lord holds true, and we can trust everything he does.


The difference is obvious! First of all, Yahweh’s word is completely consistent with His character. Scripture refers to the words of Yahweh in the singular, “the word.” While “the word” refers to the corporate whole of all the words God has spoken, I wonder if the singular doesn’t have the significance that all of Yahweh’s words stand in unity with each other. All of the words Yahweh speaks have the force of being one word because they come forth from His character of holy love and are in true unity with this character. His word “holds true” because it is the true revelation of who He is.


Secondly, Yahweh’s word “holds true” because there is no double-talk in what Yahweh says. The Hebrew word translated “holds true” in the New Living Translation literally means, “straight or smooth.” This carries the implication that you can count on what He says. His message stays consistent no matter who He is addressing. He doesn’t change according to public opinion or what certain people consider to be “politically correct.” His word is “straight.” It can be counted on. One can live their life in confidence and trust in Yahweh’s word. What He says always comes to pass and what He promises He always does.


The third obvious difference is that we can trust everything Yahweh does. The reason for this is because all that He does flows forth from His word that is straight and holds true. Because His action is consistent with His word then all He does is consistent with His character of holy love since His word flows from this character. So Yahweh’s actions flow from His word and His word flows from His character and His character is holy love, therefore, we can trust everything He does. (Name a presidential candidate about whom you could say this.)


Now here is the most amazing difference of all that no politician or political pundit can even begin to compare with. Yahweh’s Word became flesh and lived on earth among us. Yahweh’s Word was completely encapsulated in the human, Jesus of Nazareth. Everything that God is dwells in Jesus. Therefore, the word of Yahweh has the potential to heal all racism, injustice, terrorism, greed, etc. because Jesus is the Word of Yahweh.


And, we are to take this Word of Yahweh to the world. The world doesn’t need another politician who promises “utopia” only to deliver disappointment. The fact is, no mere human being has the answer to the problems facing our world and the personal “hell” many people live in their daily lives. The only human that can heal our brokenness is the Word of Yahweh, Jesus of Nazareth. Yahweh has called us to spread the truth about His Word. Being ONMISSION is telling the world about Yahweh’s Word.


In the next three months we will hear words, words, and more words… Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will present themselves to be of messianic proportions while attempting to destroy each other. The media will happily participate. Maybe this is a time for us to shine the bright light of Yahweh’s Word into the dissatisfied and hopeless world in which we live. Maybe there has never been a better time over the past several years to show the contrast between Yahweh’s Word and the empty words and promises of politicians.


Let’s be ONMISSION the next three months looking for opportunity to share Yahweh’s Word!

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