Balloons – August 2016 Report

October 4, 2016

Earlier in July, VOM Korea achieved our goal of sending 32,250 Bibles into North Korea. But we continued our balloon launches with three total launches in August. This is the total number of nights that had good winds into North Korea. On each of those three launches, our GPS devices showed our balloons going into North Korea.


We continued to launch in August because we understand there is a strong need for Bibles in North Korea (see our blogpost for further information) and God has given us the time and resources to fulfill this need. So far, we have managed to launch 32,800 Bibles into North Korea. This is 500 more Bibles than we had originally planned to launch and 16,630 more Bibles than we had launched last year at this point (we had launched 16,170 by August 2015.)


Every balloon launch provides us with opportunities to learn. When balloon launchers spot holes in the balloons they’re filling, we spot an opportunity to refine the process. This is why, by God’s grace, we were able to increase the number of bibles sent into North Korea in 2016. As we want to be good stewards of God’s time and money, we have used the extra launches given to us in 2016 to research and try out new technology for our balloon launches.


One of these new technologies is very simple: we have invested in Bibles with rounded corners. The thought is that Bibles with rounded corners will be less likely to rip the balloons, which would further refine the efficiency of our balloon launches. So far, we have not launched enough of these Bibles to make an official judgement, but (unofficially) these Bibles do seem to be helping the process.


Balloon Prayer Requests

  • Pray that God will make His truth and His love known to the North Korean people. In a country where the government is lauded for systematically starving its citizens to death and forcing them to undergo great hardship to survive, only God’s love and light can shine through.


  • Pray that God will open our eyes to refining our approach to sharing the gospel in North Korea. We have accomplished our goal for 2016, but wish to move far beyond it. To truly do God’s work, we must keep our eyes open to ways in which we can continually improve our launches.


  • Pray that God will give us many more days to launch balloons. We wish to supply North Korea’s dire need for North Korean Bibles.




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