The first Sunday in November at Sweet Home Evangelical Church before I got to the heart of my message in my series hitting some highlights in Jeremiah I felt I should make another Great Commission reminder. God called Jeremiah to share his word with people; and because of the Great Commission, we are all called to be God’s messengers. We all talk to a lot of people during the week and I gave the congregation a few things to listen for and to be aware of opportunities to not just keep the faith, but to share the faith in the coming week.


Several days later Anita Collins called me and she wanted to let me know what happened to her. She and her husband Bob traveled to Bend, Oregon to go see family. Anita was driving and they stopped for gas. In Oregon you stay in your car and they pump the gas for you. She handed the attendant her debit card, he gave it back, and she put it in her purse and set her purse between herself and her husband Bob. However, a few miles down the road she looked down and the purse was gone.


Bob and Anita searched their van and couldn’t find the purse. Anita drove back to the gas station and the purse wasn’t there. She could not figure out what happened. The last time she saw her purse it was in the vehicle between herself and her husband. Anita still had her phone, although she had turned it off because the battery only had 2% left and the charging cord of course was in her purse. She turned on her phone briefly just to see if she had any messages and there was a voicemail. Someone had found her purse and she called back and met the man.


Anita just couldn’t understand how this happened since she didn’t even get out of the car at the gas station. Then Anita thought that maybe this was one of those meetings that God was putting together. She met this man and they chatted a bit. He said he found the purse in the street and had just looked inside to find some information on the owner.


As they talked Anita thought that this was so strange and that God must have put her here for a reason, but nothing seemed all that apparent in the conversation. After a few minutes she was going to leave, but decided that she should pray for this man. She put her hand on his shoulder and prayed God’s blessing in his life and all of the sudden he began to cry.


This man had lost his wife recently in a car accident, while he was driving. He was struggling with tremendous grief and pain. Anita realized that this is now why God had put her into his life. She talked to him about her faith, encouraged him, and prayed for him some more. Anita’s husband Bob is sitting in the car this whole time, and the rest of the family is waiting for them for dinner, but Anita just knew that this was an appointment set up by God.  When Anita finally left, the man told her that her prayers and this half-hour conversation did more good for him than all the counselors had done since the accident.


Two days later Anita called to tell me about this experience. Anita told me she remembered what I had said on Sunday that we live in a world of hurting people who need to hear the gospel which is literally called “the good news.” When we are ready to be the good news you never know what God is going to take you.

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