The second annual “Amazing Race” was held by the youth of our churches in Dublin and Dunkirk, Indiana. The theme this year was “Discipleship.” They wore t-shirts emblazoned with the words To Know God and to Make Him Known.

Eight teams of youth, accompanied by an adult, set out at 11 am on a Saturday morning, with the first teams finishing about 7 hours later. Each team was given $20 to invest in others’ lives throughout the course of the race. At the end of the day, around a bonfire, each team was given an opportunity to share how they had invested their money during the day:

  • A soft drink purchased for a random person on the sidewalk.

  • Part of grocery bill paid.

  • Someone’s meal paid for at a fast food restaurant.

  • A gift to some boy scouts selling baked goods.

According to Pastors Harold Miller and Steve Cox, the results were just as incredible as the race itself. It gave the youth from two churches an opportunity to do something with others that they normally only see at conference events. It was a time of bonding with adults, since they were stationed at the various race stops and helped with driving (all day long!). Helping others impacted their hearts in ways they couldn’t experience otherwise. The youth are looking for ways to make a difference in people’s lives all through the year, rather than just at race time. And, people all over the area are asking about these amazing youth and what church they come from!

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