Large Group, Small Group, God Can Use YOU!

Large Group, Small Group, God Can Use YOU!
By David Kochendorfer, Missionary to the Southwest U.S.


Large group or small group, big church or little church, an army or an individual, God uses all sizes and types to minister for Him and be a blessing to others.


In March, a big group of teens (22 plus 5 leaders) came to New Mexico from Oregon City Evangelical Church.



  They were a huge blessing to our Navajo church, Pine Tree Mission, and especially to Pastor Virgil Chee!  The group cleaned and painted the walls and ceiling of the church hallway and both restrooms.  They also transformed the small room on the right side of the sanctuary stage by cleaning and painting, assembling and installing cabinets and shelves, and installing a new electrical outlet so Pastor Virgil could have a usable office/storage space. The makeover is amazing!

Then the group moved to Kirtland Hope Church and prepped the mission house so a future group could paint it.  They trimmed and removed vegetation, scraped peeling paint, and even dug out a tree stump.


These were big projects but many hands made them possible.


Then, in May, a small group of just 2 men arrived.  Pastor Rob Rice and Bob Kochendorfer came from Renton Park Chapel, WA.  Their church paid for their expenses including the paint and supplies needed for the entire exterior of the mission owned 2-story house in Kirtland.  These 2 guys put in full days of work, Monday thru Saturday, to give the house a fresh clean look that will protect it for many years to come.



  Little is much when God is in it!  Another huge project accomplished that was way beyond the ability and time of one missionary couple!


By the time you are reading this article, 2 more Faith Adventure Teams will be here in June (Reed Point, MT, and Wrightsville, PA) and then another team in July (WayCross EC, MN).  It will be exciting to see how God uses them in their own unique ways! 


So, what do you and/or your church have planned for the future?  Could a mission trip be one way that God could use you and bless others through you?



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