Evangelicals: People of the Good News Transformed



Good News changes things. In fact, good news is good because it tells us something has happened that is going to make things better. Just think how good news has changed your life. News such as; “We are going to have a baby!” “Your home loan was approved!” “You got the job!” “The war is over!” These “good news” announcements have the power to change our lives.


This is what the apostle Paul refers to when he says the Good News is “the power of God to salvation?” The events announced as the “Good News” changed the direction of all human history. The arrival of Jesus upon the earth meant the King had come, the Savior was here, the Messiah was now on hand to fulfill the purpose for which God had ordained Him. In fact, it was God Himself who had come to do all that had been promised. Zacharias had prophesied in Luke 1:67-75 that God’s chosen Servant would bring deliverance from sin and recreate us in His image to live in righteousness and holiness.


The Good News has the power to transform our life. Through faith, in the Messianic event of Jesus Christ, the power of God is released to transform us. How are we transformed through the power of the Good News?


First, relationship with God is restored. Forgiveness of our sins not only releases from the legal demands of the law that require death, but it opens the door for us to enter into covenant relationship with God. God created us to live in covenant relationship with Him. He will be our God and we be His people. Sin destroys this relationship. The Good News announces that forgiveness and reconciliation with God is now possible through Jesus Christ.


Secondly, we are released from the power of sin. In Christ, we are redeemed. This means the price has been paid to set us free from our captor. Luke 1:67-75 declares that God “has visited and redeemed His people.” He sets us from free from the enemies of sin, death, and hell. The Good News announces the defeat of our enemy. We are now free to live as God created us to live.


Thirdly, we are recreated in His image. The sanctifying work of God to recreate us in His image is declared by Paul in Ephesians 4:24 where we are told to put on the new self that has been recreated “after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.” The Good News announces our recreation in the image of God. We are made righteous and holy through the power of His victory over our enemy.


Fourthly, restored to life in the Spirit. Through the baptism of the Holy Spirit we are filled with His Spirit. The power and presence of His Spirit in our life enables us to live in covenant relationship with God and to be continually transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ. The Good News announces that through the Holy Spirit God dwells within us and our whole being is being transformed into His likeness.

Evangelicals are people of the Good News. However, we are not people of the Good News simply because we believe it or tell other people about it or belong to a church called Evangelical. We are people of the Good News because we have been transformed by its power. The Good News is the power of salvation to all who believe. It transforms people. That’s why we are Evangelicals. We are transformed people!





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